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Compulsory Gear

Because of the remoteness of the trails, they are not accessible by vehicles. Therefore, a compulsory gear list is mandatory for the participation of this event.

The trails are technical, cover high altitudes and are exposed to the elements. It can turn harsh out there, real quickly.

Please study the following gear list and have it all available for registration. Weather depended gear will be made clear at registration According to the weather conditions, the organization might require additional kit and inform each participant before the opening of the race-pack collection.

Systematic and/or random checks will be carried out during the race. A penalty up to disqualification will be applied to runners who do not have all the mandatory equipment with them.

Please note: the items included in the compulsory gear checklist are the basic pieces that each trail-runner must adapt according to their own skills. In particular, you should not choose the lightest possible clothing but prefer clothing that really provides good protection in the mountains against cold, wind, and snow, and therefore better safety and performance.

Music: Listening to music using earphones only, is tolerated, so long as it is safe to do so. Any earphones MUST be removed when crossing any roads, as well as on approach to, and whist at, any checkpoints and when approaching and passing any Safety Team members.