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Compulsory Gear

Because of the remoteness of the trails, they are not accessible by vehicles. Therefore, a compulsory gear list is mandatory for the participation of this event.

The trails are technical, cover high altitudes and are exposed to the elements. It can turn harsh out there, real quickly.

The MUT Lite (10km) will need to carry their (1) Race Number, (2) Own Cup, (3) Outer Shell (jacket), (4) Own Water (5) Emergency Food, (6) Space Blanket, (7) Whistle as recommended gear.

Please study the following gear list and have it all available for registration, this applies to the MUT Challenge (25km), MUT Marathon (42km), MUT 60 (60km), MUT 100 (100km) and the MUT Miler (160km) . Weather depended gear will be made clear at registration: